I have always been fascinated with Christmas, ever since I was a small Child. I grew up in the 1980s in Sussex, UK where our family home was deep in the countryside. Every year I found Christmas to be the most magical time and I still do until this very day.

Those of you who grew up in the 80s will remember this being a different time – one without the internet where we looked forward to the Christmas movie! I remember spending hours pouring over the TV and the Radio Times to see what movies and special programs would be broadcast. Then there were those classics like the Snowman which were repeated year to year but were as part of Christmas as our tree. I remember the Argos catalog which was full of gadgets and toys that I could dream of getting from Father Christmas.

I remember 1983 as the year that changed my life. I got my first home computer for Christmas, a BBC Micro Model B. I spent much of my childhood on my BBC and it set me on the path I’m on today where I have a job in a big FTSE100 firm in IT and Marketing.

I hope you’ll enjoy spending time on my site and if you have any ideas for new articles, additions or mistakes in the current ones or anything at all then please use the content form to get hold of me!

Merry Christmas!